About TheraTapper™

Device for Alternating Bilateral Stimulation

Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) is used in conjunction with several psychotherapeutic protocols such as DNMS, EMDR and others. ABS provides stimulation to alternating sides of the body, thereby activating alternate hemispheres of the brain. This is believed to aid in the therapy process. Stimulation can consist of moving the eyes back and forth – guided by a moving hand or lights, stereophonic tones alternating from one ear to the other, or tactile stimulation (touching) alternating sides of the body, by manual tapping or tapping devices.

The TheraTapper™ provides alternating bilateral tactile stimulation and the TheraTapper Plus™ provides either tactile or audio stimulation, or both at the same time. The below illustration shows the components and controls of a TheraTapper Plus™. The original, tactile-only, TheraTapper™ does not have a plug for headphones, nor the audio controls. The generic description and name is “device for providing alternating bilateral stimulation”.

Anatomy of a TheraTapper Plus device

The pulser wires are standard stereo audio cables. One end has two RCA plugs that connect to the pulsers. The other end has a 3.5mm stereo plug that plugs into the control box.

The pulsers contain tiny motors, similar to the vibrating motors used in cell phones. We are sometimes asked if the TheraTapper™ is safe to use with a pacemaker. If the user is OK to use and carry a cell phone, then they should be OK to use a TheraTapper™.

The TheraTapper Plus™ can accept any headphones or earbuds that have a 3.5mm stereo plug.

The device is powered by 2 AA (also known as LR6) batteries. A completely new set of alkaline batteries will last over 100 hours. There is no external mains-connectable power supply available. You can, however, use rechargeable AA batteries.

TheraTapper™ Features:

Six-Foot Long Replaceable Wires
Never again send your tactile stimulation device in for repair when a wire breaks. When a wire wears out, just unplug it from the control box and pulsers, and replace it! Your TheraTapper™ kit comes with a spare wire.

Easy-Grip Pulsers
2.4″ x 1.25″ x 0.6″ oval pulsers fit nicely into hands.

Blinking LEDs
Provide real-time visual feedback about pulse length and rate.

Adjustable Length Knob
Controls the length of each pulse. The longer the pulse, the slower the speed. The shorter the pulse, the faster the speed.

Adjustable Intensity Knob
Controls the intensity of each pulse by adjusting the amount of current behind each pulse.

Adjustable Pause Knob
Controls the length of the pause between pulses. The no-pause setting is the fastest. Lengthening the pause also slows the speed.

Uses Long-Lasting AA Batteries
Get over 100 hours of tapping on one pair of AA alkaline batteries, or use rechargeable batteries.

Headphones with Long Cables
Our headphones have extra long cables so client and therapist can sit at a comfortable distance. (TheraTapper™ Plus Only)

Adjustable Volume Knob
Controls the volume of the tone in the earphones.(TheraTapper™ Plus Only)

Adjustable Tone Knob
Controls the pitch or frequency of the sound in the earphones.(TheraTapper™ Plus Only)

Ready to Use
Each TheraTapper™ includes a spare wire and vinyl zipper pouch. Batteries are included, so all you need to do is connect the wires and turn it on.