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Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) is used in conjunction with several psychotherapeutic protocols such as DNMS, EMDR and others. ABS provides stimulation to alternating sides of the body, thereby activating alternate hemispheres of the brain. This is believed to aid in the therapy process. Stimulation can consist of moving the eyes back and forth – guided by a moving hand or lights, stereophonic tones alternating from one ear to the other, or tactile stimulation (touching) alternating sides of the body, by manual tapping or tapping devices.

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What People Have to Say

Roxanne Grobbel

I love my TheraTappers!  They come with an extra cord and are very reliable.  I do EMDR for 6-8 hour a day and find them to be incredibly reliable.

Ann Beckley-Forest

I got my TheraTappers right after my EMDR basic training in 2010 and I’m still using them!  I appreciate the fact that they are simple to use and reliable.

Founder, The Art & Science Of EMDR
Rotem Brayer, MEd

TheraTappers are some of the most trusted tactile bilateral stimulation devices for EMDR Therapy. TheraTappers are high quality, reliable, and cost-effective. These devices are wired and battery-operated, easy to use, and tend to last for years.

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